Kacy Noltemeyer



Kacy is a graduate of Bellarmine University and has been a Louisville resident for over 15 years. She has had a very successful career in fundraising, marketing and advancement where she served in various roles at Metro area nonprofits including the Louisville Zoo, Hosparus, Cedar Lake and Sacred Heart Schools. With her background of connecting people with causes near and dear to their hearts, she is excited to carry over these skills and qualities as a realtor with Rainey Allen and Shaw.

Sincere professionalism, integrity and loyalty always come first with Kacy. She will help you by taking time to listen and learn about clients needs, wants and desires. Pair that with studying the market meticulously and using very innovative marketing plans and together we will make the perfect team!

Whether you are looking to buy and/or sell a home or an investment property, Kacy will take the time necessary to walk you through the process. Call her today to get started!

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